Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas Season to All

It's the time of year when folks get the warm fuzzies (as long as one is indoors, its possible - outside, all the warm fuzzies in the world not make a dent in the temperature!). It's a time about family and friends. About joy and celebration. About things religious and non-religious. Mostly it's about love. The new year will come soon enough, so let's take the time and really live in the moment. Live today like there is no tomorrow. It's good advice we usually forget. Live for the smiles of friends, family and especially little kids lit by the wonder of the holidays. Really enjoy the faces of the sleeping children (the only quiet parents get for the next few days!)

So, I would like to wish you all of those things the season represents.

I hope this holiday season is jammed with the warm fuzzies. With family and friends, with food and thoughtful gifts. With joy and celebration. With religion, if that's your thing, and not if it isn't.

But mostly I wish upon you love. A world of love. You've got mine.

Celebrate life, love and enjoy the moment. Have a very merry holiday season!

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