Friday, December 5, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened...

This is about one of our 2009 books which I am thrilled to be doing - Nina Kimberly the Merciless by Christiana Ellis.

Before you continue reading, please swallow any liquids you've been drinking, set down your cup and take a deep breath. You'll need it.

This is the long blurb...

Nina Kimberly the Merciless

She's on a mission to kill the man who loves her.

Why? Because he's an idiot.

Ten years ago, Nina Kimberly the Merciless was cheated out of the life of adventure that she truly deserves. Her father, the fearsome barbarian conqueror Marcus the Merciless, met his first and only defeat at the hands of, well... a gopher hole. Ever since this epic humiliation, she and the rest of the horde have been stuck in the rural backwater kingdom of Langia. Now Francis IX, the idiotic king, has decided that he and Nina should be married. She can't kill him without starting a succession war, but the alternatives? Eww!

Nina has long yearned for a hero to sweep her up on a glorious quest, but Francis' unwanted affections have forced her hand. No more waiting for a quest to find *her*, it's time to get proactive.

She sets off into the big wide world, but the King decides to tag along, complete with a security spell to alert the Kingdom if he's killed. Nina is forced to swallow her pride and keep him safe... at least until she can find a way to break the spell. But nothing is ever simple in the life of a barbarian princess, and nothing is ever quite what it appears. The dragon is a pacifist (sometimes). The handsome rogue is a con-artist, but who is he conning? And even the wizard has a few surprises in store. While seeking the answer to all her problems, Miss the Merciless discovers that what she's always wanted may not actually be what she *wants*.

*Nina Kimberly the Merciless* is a comic coming of age story filled with magic, mayhem and mercenaries, but mercy? Never.

I just about ruined my computer, so I hope you took my advise and swallowed first :) But doesn't it sound like a fun read? Look for it in spring. If you absolutely can't wait (like me) visit the website

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