Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

Wishing you all a happy 2009.

May it be a year full of good words, good energy and prosperity. May you all be published by a publisher who loves you as much as I love my authors, and may you make the bestseller lists.

Joy and peace to all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas Season to All

It's the time of year when folks get the warm fuzzies (as long as one is indoors, its possible - outside, all the warm fuzzies in the world not make a dent in the temperature!). It's a time about family and friends. About joy and celebration. About things religious and non-religious. Mostly it's about love. The new year will come soon enough, so let's take the time and really live in the moment. Live today like there is no tomorrow. It's good advice we usually forget. Live for the smiles of friends, family and especially little kids lit by the wonder of the holidays. Really enjoy the faces of the sleeping children (the only quiet parents get for the next few days!)

So, I would like to wish you all of those things the season represents.

I hope this holiday season is jammed with the warm fuzzies. With family and friends, with food and thoughtful gifts. With joy and celebration. With religion, if that's your thing, and not if it isn't.

But mostly I wish upon you love. A world of love. You've got mine.

Celebrate life, love and enjoy the moment. Have a very merry holiday season!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened...

This is about one of our 2009 books which I am thrilled to be doing - Nina Kimberly the Merciless by Christiana Ellis.

Before you continue reading, please swallow any liquids you've been drinking, set down your cup and take a deep breath. You'll need it.

This is the long blurb...

Nina Kimberly the Merciless

She's on a mission to kill the man who loves her.

Why? Because he's an idiot.

Ten years ago, Nina Kimberly the Merciless was cheated out of the life of adventure that she truly deserves. Her father, the fearsome barbarian conqueror Marcus the Merciless, met his first and only defeat at the hands of, well... a gopher hole. Ever since this epic humiliation, she and the rest of the horde have been stuck in the rural backwater kingdom of Langia. Now Francis IX, the idiotic king, has decided that he and Nina should be married. She can't kill him without starting a succession war, but the alternatives? Eww!

Nina has long yearned for a hero to sweep her up on a glorious quest, but Francis' unwanted affections have forced her hand. No more waiting for a quest to find *her*, it's time to get proactive.

She sets off into the big wide world, but the King decides to tag along, complete with a security spell to alert the Kingdom if he's killed. Nina is forced to swallow her pride and keep him safe... at least until she can find a way to break the spell. But nothing is ever simple in the life of a barbarian princess, and nothing is ever quite what it appears. The dragon is a pacifist (sometimes). The handsome rogue is a con-artist, but who is he conning? And even the wizard has a few surprises in store. While seeking the answer to all her problems, Miss the Merciless discovers that what she's always wanted may not actually be what she *wants*.

*Nina Kimberly the Merciless* is a comic coming of age story filled with magic, mayhem and mercenaries, but mercy? Never.

I just about ruined my computer, so I hope you took my advise and swallowed first :) But doesn't it sound like a fun read? Look for it in spring. If you absolutely can't wait (like me) visit the website

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's December... can you believe it?

I can't believe it's the end of the first week of December. Tell me, where did the year go? Seriously. It just seems to have zipped by. And now all you hear is bad stuff. The economy is tanking. We all know that - so we have to look forward with an attitude that says "what do we do to survive and thrive?" For me, it's always been about looking at new ways of doing things. I've tried stuff long before others, done things that people thought were crazy... but why not try? I think 2009 is going to be a struggle for us - publishing news is horrible these days, with layoffs and downsizing - but I also think that it has potential, possibly even great potential. Now's the time to be bold, but smart bold (haha, if I were laying out a book it would semi-bold I think. Bad publisher joke!).

We've signed or are in negotiations for great books. Some from authors we already work with, some new to us. But they've all got something in common. The books are all good solid stories that are great fun to read. AND by great authors. See, that's become my new mantra... Dragon Moon Press is turning good writers into great authors. I firmly believe it. I think our authors are some of the best on the planet, maybe the universe. Why? Because all of them care passionately about the readers' experience. To them, the reader isn't just a person who buys their book, that reader is a valued partner, the reader is family. And that means that we all strive to do the best we can in making the experience an fun, uplifting and positive one. It shouldn't be rocket science, but I think sometimes we get lost in the quest to sell the next copy. Our goal for next year is to make sure we don't get lost, that our message doesn't get lost, and that we weather the storm. I believe that our authors and readers deserve that.

Recently, I added a permanent team member to Dragon Moon. We've now got an Editor in Charge. Gabrielle is keeping our editorial schedule on track (and doing a fab job of it!), which is really important because we've got a huge list for next year. With things going the way they are, we've decided to hit the marketplace with a great big hammer (made out of nice soft foam!) with more titles than we've ever done before. Mitigating risk in some ways.

And we've not even really done a recap of 2008. We have some great books that have come out this year. If you've not read them yet, you really do need to. :) I will recap those in a later post.

So network with us, help us spread the word - in 2009 we're going to rock!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Donation button - get an ebook with every donation

Hey everyone. If you look right ----> you'll notice I put up a donation button. I'm not the biggest fan of donating to businesses, but in this case, I have to put my feelings aside. We've got some pretty big print bills to pay, and sales are just not covering costs right now. So, if you feel like you've got some disposable cash that you just have to part with, and feel like helping out a small press, well, we'd gladly take the help. We will send you an ebook (PDF) of your choice if you do donate.

We do appreciate your support of our publishing program.

Yard Dog Press is having a sale

visit ... everyone is having the cash-flow crunch, including ourselves, and our friends over at Yard Dog. So, we're asking for your support. Please buy a Dragon Moon title (through Amazon for us - pricing to you is quite good there), AND a Yard Dog book (sorry, we're both in dire need of the support!). Help us continue into 2009.