Tuesday, September 25, 2007


For all of you authors and booklovers out there... http://www.booktour.com/ is a great place to get things going! A chance to post where you will be and when, a chance to check out where you're fav's will be.

It comes with a nifty little widget that you can post to your site so everyone can access your schedule, let's author's and readers pull to schedules - in general a nice, interactive tool.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Darwin's Paradox, The Longevity Thesis and Free Ebooks

Both books are at the printer, and we should be seeing a proof shortly for Darwin's Paradox, with The Longevity Thesis due to start shipping from the printer September 25.

I will be out of the office on the 20-22 for a professional development session out of town (yippee, roadtrip!).

So that means that all the fall titles are either shipping, or at the printers --- and I am going to take a week off from the production side of things to work on getting marketing stuff done. Then it's on to the spring titles.

You will see at the top of the blog links to download electronic editions. These are complete, full editions of the books. You are free to link to them, email them or otherwise share them. You are, of course, encouraged to purchase a copy (ok, we encourage you on every page, but that is how we make our meager living, so forgive us for being enthusiastic about it :)). You may not use the ebooks for commercial purposes, for endorsing other products... or for anything other than reading them. If you would like to use them for something other than just reading... please feel free to ask.

I plan on working on all our titles, so eventually, that list will be pretty long.

I tried posting the covers but they all went squishy. Once I figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong, I will get them all up there for all of you to see. Though if you scroll down, all the covers are in the slide show below.

Publishing is a crazy business.


And just because it's one of those days... Tee sent me this link http://www.moo.com/ where you can use your photo's to print stickers or "moo cards" which are all just really cool.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Ok, I have just come across the coolest widget I think I've ever seen! I mean, I have the post-it note and the weather on my computer, but those are functional and a tad mundane - but this... oh lord, as a publisher, this technology just strikes my fancy and gets those brain cells firing on major overload... so thanks folks...

So what am I talking about? http://www.blog2print.com/ - this will add a widget to your Blogger account and anyone can print your blog out as a book. Push a button, follow a few little instructions and voila. Not that I expect any of you to do that with my blog, but there are good and cool ones out there.

Me, I'm going to go play with my own for a while (it'd be an awfully short book right now, but for some of you....)

Reader's beware - this stuff can get addictive.

For those of you who like photo book making, I find that http://www.blurb.com/ can be somewhat addictive... and there goes the day. I like this one because you do it on your own computer rather than online.

Anyway, those are my finds for the day.