Thursday, October 9, 2008

Read Lachlei... Get Killed by a Werewolf!

Sound interesting? Caught your attention? Cool.

We're up to it again... on November 25, 2008 we asking you to pick up a copy of a great Dragon Moon title... Lachlei.

We need to clear some stock off of Amazon's shelves, get you started on your Christmas shopping, and get you entered to win a feature role in M. H. Bonham's next novel Howling Dead... where you will be killed by a werewolf (we need somebody to die or what kind of werewolf book would it be!?).

Never lachlei_webheard of Lachlei? Well, we figured that might be the case, so we've put it here, and you can download a full, complete, finished, and absolutely no charge copy of the book.

And, if you're likin' the idea, the book, the being killed by a werewolf... why not give us a digg?

The author MH Bonham and Dragon Moon Press are giving away free copies of Lachlei.  We hope you'll love it so much that you'll purchase Lachlei on on November 25th 2008 (starting at 10am eastern) to show your support of the author and the publisher.  Become a character in MH Bonham's next book too.  Details in the free download and at 

Avoid the after-Thanksgiving mall crawl! Curl up with a good book!