Monday, January 28, 2008

A Message to the Universe

So a good friend of mine is a professional speaker. His name is Kevin Burns, and I've been helping him put together his new book Go Ahead! Give Me Attitude. One of the chapters is on changing your life through positive thought, with one of the precepts being that you must tell the universe of your dreams and desires for them to come true. You know, basically, that the universe isn't a mind reader. His philosophy is write it down... which is rather logical because if you write it down, then you are admitting that 1) the dream exists and 2)you are committing at least a part of your soul to the dream, and to the chance of the shift to reality. So, I had sat down and put together a list, but my lists tend to be fairly, well, boring and logical. You know the kind... lose 30lbs by the end of the year, pay off this bill, or accomplish that goal. But there has been this one little dream I've had since a kid, and I didn't put it on the list because it's a rather big one and a tad bit beyond all logic....

And me, being true to form, was link hopping on friday and came across a site that made me realise that that long hidden dream has been screaming to get out. So Universe, I'm putting you on notice. Here's my dream... I want a CASTLE to live in! And, back to the link hopping, here's where I found myself! Believe it or not (oh no! now that song is running through my head... see my brain naturally link hops... I'm genetically wired! Make it stop!!)they will BUILD ME A CASTLE. Of course, there is one itty bitty problem, Universe--money. So as a corollary I need a gigantic raise!


I really, really want a castle of my own.

So, really, please? Pretty please, with sugar on it??

To the three of you who read my blog, will you put in a little please with the universe for me? Please?


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