Friday, August 17, 2007

Dragon Moon Press and EDGE Merge

Some of you have heard rumours, some I've had to tell flat out as a reason for what otherwise may have appeared as very strange behaviour on my part, and some are still totally in the dark... so here's the scoop.

Brian Hades announced Friday night, at the Con-Version 23 opening Ceremonies, the merger of Dragon Moon Press and EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy, in a move that makes us Canada's largest independent SF&F publisher. And while we are not bent on world domination (or at least not that we will ever admit too), this merger gives us a great opportunity to combine resources and develop and even stronger publishing platform.

My author's know the growth has been a struggle for me - mostly in terms of time and money, the two biggies. The rather drastic increase in titles over the last few years has created untold challenges. And publishing 9 titles this year has stretched me to the breaking point a number of times; having Brian there has made it possible to continue and not lose my mind (though I bet a few of you doubt that!)

It's also great that, as we move forward, we will have access to additional distribution options with Fitzhenry&Whiteside. I will let each of you individually know how it will impact your title(s) as we move forward. There will be growing pains as we do that, and some confusion, but we'll do like we always do and do it together.

It will not mean big operational changes. The DMP imprint will continue, and I will continue on as publisher of record, and we will have our own publishing platform, but you will start to notice advertising and stuff where we are all in there with the EDGE titles. I hope you will welcome EDGE authors as you've welcomed all the DMP authors. And there are strength in numbers!

Official press releases and whatnots will follow...when we've got time :) LOL, it's become my contstant refrain, now hasn't it?

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