Friday, August 17, 2007

August Updates

Well, August is half over and I don't know how the heck it happened.

This month alone, I've sent to the printer the following titles:
The Complete Guide to Science Fiction Volume One~First Contact (which somehow got lost in a shuffle of reps, and is now delayed until September 10th... that's when it's due to ship from the printer - I actually sent it to them at the end of June)

The Complete Guide to writing Fantasy Volume 3~The Author's Grimoire, with a very cool dragon on the cover... I've decided all the fantasy guides will have DRAGONS on the cover - why the heck not eh? I mean, the company has Dragon in the title... obviously I like dragons. So I'm indulging.

Small Magics
, which we are going to use as our first test case in giveaway land with a bookseller.

Daughter of Dragons... even after 10 years, I still do about a reprint a year :) Can't complain, it just trucks along.

Too Many Princes, poor Deby had to wait for print copies due to a budget crunch, but they are coming now.

The Longevity Thesis - off for an offset run and then to F&H for distribution (oh, hey I will do a separate post about that in a minute).

Alien Revelation - with the orangest cover, but it looks great next to Alien Deception and wraps up the duology nicely.

Plus ARC's for a whole pile of things. Don't think I want to see the credit card bills next month. Anyone know a rich relative/friend/coworker/alien with a few dollars to spare, send them my way!

The coolest things though?? I made trading cards for the Dragon*Con team. It's something we are testing, and if it works, we may do it for everything - it's soooo much fun!

Virtual Evil is done, and is a great sequel to Sojourn, so it's off to the printer next week. Last one to finish up is Darwin's Paradox, and boy will I be glad to see that one go! Of course, it won't mean any time off - it's straight to getting the spring list ready for the distributor - any of you actually read this, reminder... stuff is due in at the end of this month :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Con-Version in Calgary. Here's to hoping we sell a few books!

And before I sign off... Hats off to Karen Webb (The Chalice of Life) for breaking 50k on Amazon. She's tapping unusual markets for us, but it seems to be working! Way to go.

Ok, off to write the "big news" post :)

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