Monday, November 10, 2008

DMP Website

Well, you might have noticed that the website is now my blog. Of course, I did the dumbbutt move of deleting all the files off the server, so links went to a 404 error. Nice. I have put the pages back now, so no panic. You might not have even noticed. And of course, in a complete inability to comprehend instructions, I did it wrong a few times before finding a nice itty bit of code to make the redirect work, so the site was down for a few days. There are areas where I could be considered fairly proficient. Websites would not be one of them. You'll find a few places where I updated the website pages. You'll know those bits were done by me - the info is there, it just ain't pretty.

We'll be going with the blog look for now. I hope you will all add us on as "followers". That would be cool. Watch for updates here. To purchase books, visit our special Amazon store over there -----> we'll get referral credit if you do. Thanks!

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