Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And the concensus is... we have another winner

Sequels are a tough business, as I am sure most writer's will agree. Tough to write, especially the second in a trilogy as it's a bridge between the beginning of a story and the end of the story, but it has to still stand on its own. They are also a risk for a publisher for those same reasons. If done well though, they can be a huge load of fun. And that's what I'm finding with Virtual Evil. I, being the lucky publisher in question, would have thrown the entire manuscript at Jana if she were in the room when I got to the end (even knowing ahead of time how it finished). But it's ok, I will plot my revenge another way. Oh yeah, back to Virtual Evil. The link at the top of my blog will lead you to a full copy pdf if you'd like to give it a try (Sojourn will be posted shortly in case you've not read it).

But the reviews from the pro's are starting to roll in. And while I knew the book was going to be great (even after the early draft I read), you always worry how others will recieve it. Well folks, the wait is over.... 4 1/2 Stars from The Romantic Times Book Review! Plus we're getting others. So yippee!!! See the publisher dance... and a word to you all... the reviewers kindly refrained from throwing the book at Jana too, at least in public :) Read it. See what I mean!

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