Friday, September 14, 2007


Ok, I have just come across the coolest widget I think I've ever seen! I mean, I have the post-it note and the weather on my computer, but those are functional and a tad mundane - but this... oh lord, as a publisher, this technology just strikes my fancy and gets those brain cells firing on major overload... so thanks folks...

So what am I talking about? - this will add a widget to your Blogger account and anyone can print your blog out as a book. Push a button, follow a few little instructions and voila. Not that I expect any of you to do that with my blog, but there are good and cool ones out there.

Me, I'm going to go play with my own for a while (it'd be an awfully short book right now, but for some of you....)

Reader's beware - this stuff can get addictive.

For those of you who like photo book making, I find that can be somewhat addictive... and there goes the day. I like this one because you do it on your own computer rather than online.

Anyway, those are my finds for the day.

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