Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting Ready to Print "The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction: Volume 1~First Contact"

And I don't know if I could have created a longer title!

So, I'm new to blogging, and not likely to be very consistent about it. I'm not a big journaler or anything, and often am so busy I don't dare take time out to thing, let alone plunk my thoughts into cyberspace, but I thought I would give it a go :)

So, a bit about the book - well, more about the publishing of the book since I have very little to do with the creative side. I laid this one out. Took me a very long time. I have come to almost hate this book I've looked at it so much - and the funny thing is, I still haven't read most of it... you end up doing it fairly backwards and in bits and pieces and it all becomes kind of jumbled. But it's basically done.

Of course, what two weeks before we send it to the printer, we changed the cover... I will finish it up today. Actually, it's very snazzy and professional looking - I dont' think it has the same kick as the original cover, but it serves the purpose better (we're building a "series" look, so that we can publish different kinds of "The Complete GuideTM") - and the original cover didn't pass the Yoga test... that is, if we ever decided to do a book called The Complete GuideTM to Yoga, it wouldn't work. So, now we have a new cover. And a Disney Animator, Janice Blaine, is working on the little robot icon for us. It's cool.

I will be glad when this one goes off to the printer though and is out of my hair. Then it's off to finishing up corrections on the others, and getting them finalized and ready to go. They're easier though - straight fiction.

THEN I get to start all over with our "sexy" pdf versions - we're doing up added content versions for free download to any and all - part of our viral marketing... or since that is a terrible term, - part of our social network campaign.

If anyone reads this, and would like a copy of DMP titles to read in pdf format, let me know... we're setting up an rss feed to make it work easiest, but for now, sign up for our newsletter at!

Ok, time to get back to work.

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