Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scimitar Moon by Chris A. Jackson

At long last... the cover for Scimitar Moon, complete and ready to go! Actually, I have to give kudos to our new art direct, Alex White. The cover was ready darn quick and looked so cool - it was just regular production stuff that had us running tight to the schedule. We're trying to get Chris copies for Dragon*Con, so if you're going to be there, please visit his booth in the dealers room (Jax Books).
Chris and I talked for literally years about doing a book together. I'm glad that day has finally come.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming Soon!

We're in the final stages with the two books for August: Scimitar Moon by Chris A. Jackson, and Operation: Face the Fear (Volume 3 of the Declassified Files of the Team of Darkness) by Tony Ruggiero. That one's a bit of a mouthful, eh? Some days I think we hunt for the longest titles we can find. I should have final covers up shortly.

It's been a busy few months (they seem to always be!), and we've had great news: Madman's Dance has won the Silver IPPY - while it's not the top wins we got on the other two, it's unusual for a third volume of a series to win anything, so we're quite happy with that.

Philippa Ballantine (Chasing the Bard, Digital Magic) and Jana G. Oliver (The Time Rovers series) both sold books to big New York publishers... how exciting is that!?! Maggie Bonham (Lachlei and Howling Dead) just convocated with a Masters Degree.

I've got great authors. I can't say that enough. You all rock -- and now you're going places!