Friday, April 24, 2009

Dark Moon Seasons Goes Live

Dark Moon Seasons, a Dark Horseman Novel, by Valerie Griswold-Ford went live today. The Free-Read(tm) is here, and copies are available for purchase through regular channels. Of course, we'd appreciate it you'd hop on over by our links to for your copy :^) We're a struggling publisher... every bit helps!

Dark Moon Seasons is the second installment, and resulted in the first, Not Your Father's Horseman getting a new cover. And a bit of an interior facelift. That resulted in the interior italics randomly disappearing... so we're working on that. Those who get copies with the italics missing on the occassional line, well, you've got a cursed, collectors edition. See not ALL of them are missing, and it seems to vary from book to book... truly a one-of-a-kind book. Val and I've decided it's a plot by the shhhh... "other side".

Last Rites, the final book in the trilogy is well under way and should be out next year. Barring incidents.

So what is Dark Moon Seasons about?

The Cleansing has begun.

Nikki, the Horseman Death, is lost in the Chaos storm that is sweeping through the world. No one knows where the other three Horsemen are. The Council of 9 is in tatters. And the StarChild has sealed herself off in a corner of Vermont for unknown reasons.

She has to find the other three, or the World Walls will completely disintegrate. Alex Masterson, the renegade billionaire geneticist who created her, has the key to find them.

She’s just got to find him first.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
We thought so, but just so you know we're not entirely biased, we went out and got a blurb/review:
Dark Moon Seasons is an apocalyptic marvel and an explosive read that gallops though a multifaceted web of lies, treachery and hope.
Tamara Siler Jones, author of the Dubric Byerly Mysteries
There, if you need any more reasons to get a copy, let me know! I think you'll enjoy the read. And of course, you can always try it for free first. (and apparently, in cursed fashion, line-breaks disappear in Blogger... be very carefull where you read the book!!)